Has repro Cal-Look front and rear windshield rubbers.

Carpet and interior stuff!

Authentic and accurate silk screened water decals for early Type 34 glove box, air intake and air cleaner.

High quality silkscreened water transfer decals for early Type 34 Ghias, including the two glove box instruction decals and the air intake warning label. German language. Produced by exactly the same method as the Karmann originals, not inkjet decals or self-adhesive stickers. Absolutely accurate reproductions, not just "close enough," and color matched to an original set. The full set of three for $20 shipped within the U.S.; $25 elsewhere.

I'm also offering an exact reproduction of the water slide decal used on early Type 3 Knecht air cleaners. $7 shipped within the US; $10 elsewhere.

Contact Scott Taylor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place an order. PayPal preferred.

Seals, fasteners, bulbs, seat belts, etc.

West Coast Metric website

Porsche 356s share the same lights and therefore the same seals.

Stoddard is a parts source that caters to old Porsches. Their license light seals are currently located on this page.