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Stop it from rusting away!

Information on T34 rocker panels too.

Scott "Gonzo" Weaver tells you how to turn a Type 3 floor pan into a Type 34 floor pan!

More than a few people seem to think that exterior window scrapers are meant to keep water out out the interior of a Type 34 door. This is not the case! Water does get inside the door and is intended to drain out via drain slots at the bottom of the doors. The problem is that rust and debris have a tendency to accumulate inside the doors, leading to improper drainage.

At the bottom of each door are three drainage slots where water is intended to drain. If debris clogs these slots it will accelerate the demise of your doors.

There are several steps you can take to prevent damage from poor drainage:

  • First, try using a flat knife blade to clear any debris from the three drain slots at the bottom of each door.
  • Next, remove the door panels and give the inside bottom of the doors a good cleaning with a wire brush and remove the debris with a vacuum.
  • Coat the bottom of the door with a rust prevention medium or, if the interior of the door is rusted, take further measures to neutralize the rust and the coat the metal to prevent further corrosion. Be sure to keep the drain slots open.

An important step in door panel reassembly is to make sure the plastic liner is neatly tucked into the bottom of the door opening. If your doors don't have plastic liners, this is the time to add them. Plastic liners ensure that all moisture that leaks in past the scrapers will drain out through the drain slots, preventing the door panels from absorbing moisture.

Restoring parts of the pan... not the whole thing by Reiner Skubowius from the October 1994 Registry newsletter.