When a Type 34 has been stored outside for many years, rust tends to collect on the outer aluminum & chrome rings of the dash gauges. Sometimes the sun has bleached the colored needles, and the center knobs get corroded. It's also common for the fuel gauge inner trim circle to come unglued. Such was the case with my 1962 Type 34, as it was stored outside un-driven for 25 years with the drivers window down. My gauges needed a full restoration, and it was not a job that I felt I could do myself.

Foreign Speedo is a local San Diego shop that specializes in speedometer repair & restoration, and they were happy to take care of my gauge resto needs. My needs were simple: restore the gauges to "like new" condition, repaint the needles & outside rings, polish the chrome rings & clear plastic face, and turn the speedo odometer back to zeros. I also needed them to change the original kilometer speedo to a mph speedo, and Larry Edson had sent me a 90mph gauge to do the swap. Bob @ Foreign Speedo quoted me $150-200 for all four gauges for "show quality" restoration in 3-4 weeks. You can also look for a local speedo repair shop near you, or use other gauge restoration sources that may be available.

When I collected the gauges, the results were amazing! They truly looked like new again! The faces were clear, the needles were bright red (early Type 34s only), the outer aluminum rings were all matching, the bronze center knobs were polished to a brilliant shine with fresh black paint on the two rings, and the bases of the gauges were even repainted to look like new. The speedo guts were exchanged to mph and the odometer was turned back to zeros. The speaker cover (far right gauge) was disassembled to replace the mesh insert material as well! The speedo was also calibrated for correct speed display. The total price was $150 and it took 4 weeks.

The only unexpected surprises with this source were: the chrome rings were not rechromed but simply polished, the electric clock was not fixed (no source for that work), and the mesh material in the speaker cover was not an 100% authentic replacement (but no one's gonna tell). I am very pleased with the results of their work and would highly recommend them to our Registry members. He accepts credit cards and is willing to take out-of-state resto jobs and resend them back all restored. To contact Foreign Speedo, either call Bob at 619 298 5278, or send your gauges to Foreign Speedo Inc, 2246 1/2 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 USA.