Welcome to the first edition of a column I will call “Shop Talk”. A while back, I had an idea for a column for the Razors Edge, based on the “Parts Bin” type column found in national automotive publications. I thought it would be neat to have a column for the newsletter that focused on products that applied directly, or indirectly, to our cars. So after a couple of emails with Lee, here we are. I will naturally be reporting on products that I have used, or am currently using on my 64 343 project. My car is following the “resto-custom” route, so my articles will cover a broad spectrum, including stock and custom applications, and hopefully, will provide some information that will be beneficial to your project as well.

One of the nice things about my project T34 is that there was only one crack, now unnoticeable, in the upper dash pad, and the bottom dash pad was perfect. Little did I know when I bought the car, how valuable perfect dashes were to the T34 enthusiast, so for the last year, I have gone to great lengths to keep my dash dust free, and out of the light. I have even gone so far as to cover my dash, even though my car is garaged (yes I need therapy). After a year of reading emails about the destructive effects of auto parts store “rubber cleaners” and solvents, I think I found a product, made in Germany, perfect for using on our beloved dash pads.

Zymöl has been around for years and has peddled its wares to the higher end of the automotive spectrum for automakers such as BMW, Ferrari, and the like. Their car care products are known around the world as some of the best made. I first noticed Zymöl Seal, in a Rocky Mountain Motorworks catalogue, and was curious, as it advertised that it was a “soft seal conditioner”. After reading about the product online, I decided to give it a shot. After all, if it works for the BMW and Ferrari guys, it should be a decent product. The 5oz bottle of Seal retails for $20, but can be had for $17 ($33 in 2016!) at www.Zymol.com. It’s not cheap, but neither are upper and lower dash pads. The conditioner has the consistency of corn syrup, and smells like coconuts. It should, it’s made with Cetyl Cocoamide, which is derived from coconut oil. Best of all, it works on any automotive rubber.

The dash or rubber seal should be wiped with a damp cloth prior to application. Apply evenly with some type of lint free applicator, in one direction, and wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wipe with a clean cloth to a “soft, supple, moist finish”. Now, please don’t think that if you use this on your “so brittle they crunch” seals, they will be as good as new. Zymöl Seal is not designed to perform miracles, but rather, prolong the useful life of rubber seals by releasing trapped solvents and restoring original moisture. I applied this to my dashes and my front vent window seals and was very pleased with my $17 investment. Zymöl advertises Seal as perfect for soft seals, those around doors, hoods and trunk lids. Zymöl Seal is derived from glycerin, a natural plant anti-oxidizing agent. For those of you wanting to keep your original seals fresh and new looking, Zymöl Seal is a great way to prolong the life of your T34s precious rubber seals, without breaking the bank.