Authenticity :: Interior

One area that often gets overlooked when a Type 34 is restored is the rear luggage compartment. The sound deadening material is usually in poor condition and the engine trap-door material is usually disintegrating. When restoring this area it's important to know the two different styles of material that were originally used so you get it done right.

In the 1962 Type 34s (up to chassis 0 058 489), the rear compartment was covered with the same vinyl as the front trunk. The insulation surrounding the trap door and the trap door itself were covered with this material (see left photo).

In the later Type 34s (from chassis 0 058 490 through the end of production) the rear compartment had a textured surface (different than the upper & side cover material), and the trap door was also covered in this textured sound-deadening material. The trap door also featured text and arrows informing owners how to run the two release handles to open and close the engine lid. Over the insulation there was a separate vinyl liner with two snaps to keep it in place.

Headliner color may not be the most important concern for most Type 34 owners, but those who are in the middle of a full restoration will want to keep things as authentic as possible. VW offered three different color headliners during the Type 34 production years. The headliner color depended on the body color of the car.


1962 Silver Beige Black, Pearl White, Ruby Red, & Anthracite
  Ice Blue Sea Blue & Pacific
1963 Silver Beige Emerald, Terra Brown, Manila Yellow, Black, Pearl White, Ruby Red, & Anthracite
  Ice Blue Sea Blue, Pacific, & Polar Blue


1964 Silver Beige Silver, Cerulean Blue, Ice Blue
  Ice Blue Turquoise, Beige, Manila, Red, Silver-Beige, Brick Red, Light Beige, Black
1966-1969 Cloud White all car colors
Early Type 34s (before August '62) had split cover plates over the fresh air vent controls. The later cover plates are one-piece.

Blaupunkt radios originally fitted to Type 34s were not unlike those fitted to Beetles, Type 14s or Type 3s with exception to a few trim details.

The Type 34 Blaupunkt faceplate is unique in that it is a trapezoid shape that follows the stamping of the dash. Other Type 3s had a similar faceplate that faces downward and is mounted under the dash. Type 3 faceplates will not fit the Type 34.

The radio knobs on early Type 34s (1962-66) were the domed silver-beige variety identical to Type 3s of the era and were matched to the cigarette lighter and window winders. Radio knobs are easily identified by the small set-screws used for mounting. Original matching sets of these knobs are very rare today in excellent condition and can command high prices. Luckily for us, Karmann Ghia Parts & Restoration offers reproductions which are a very close match to the originals.

Late Type 34s (1967-69) went to gray-black knobs. These knobs are still relatively easy to find today.

There has been some confusion about the "right" style of window winder handle to use on a Type 34. Of the two styles shown above you'll see that one pair has concave "dimpled" knobs, and the other has rounded "domed" knobs. The knobs are constructed differently too: The dimpled ones are made of hollow plastic, while the domed ones are a more durable solid plastic.

It is now believed that both the dimpled version and domed version were fitted to early Type 34s (1962-66). There are photos from sales literature that show that both styles were used throughout the years. It's your choice to install whichever ones suit your personal taste. Most owners feel the domed ones are more durable and easier to clean, and that they are a better match for the early domed dash and seat knobs.

The handle on the dimpled version is a solid casting, while the domed version's handle is hollowed out and stamped with the VW part number 311 837 583 A. (The dimpled verion has VW part number 311 337 585 A.)

The Parts List lists these Type 34 handle part numbers:

  • 311 837 581 (1962-65)
  • 311 837 581 C (1966 only)
  • 311 837 581 E (1967-69 with black knob)