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Paul Colbert has completely rewired his beautiful 1963 Type 34 Ghia. Here he explains how to replace the main wiring harness with a new one:

Materials needed:

  • duct tape
  • 8 feet of baling wire
  • 2 feet of insulated wire
  • Type 3 wiring harness
  • beer and chorus girls
  • fresh set of various sizes of rubber grommets. has an assortment kit which will more than suit your needs for this task.
  • needle nose pliers
  • WD-40 or other lightweight lubricant

So you have yanked out your old harness and made a decision to place in a reproduction. Do not toss your old loom out as it contains a wealth of wire which you can possibly use later.


  • Sit your tail down on the ground in the engine compartment facing toward the front of the car. Find the section of the harness which goes to the right rear lights and starter. Also find the section which goes towards the coil and generator. Fit them with grommets and thread the wire through the left hand side wall of the engine compartment. (see photo below)


  • Grab some more grommets and thread the starter and right rear section into the appropriate holes. (see photo below)


  • On the left side of the car thread the rest of the harness through the big hole which goes into left rear fender and pull it out of the rear taillight section. Place a large grommet on harness. (see photo below)


  • Now it's time to prepare the harness to thread it through the left rear fender to the voltage regulator area. Take your 8 feet of baling wire, straighten it out, and go into the interior of the car. Thread it from the voltage regulator area up and into the left rear fender. There is no special hole separating the two so don’t worry about the concept of threading a needle. (see photos below)


  • Take another piece of wire, create a loop, and tape it to the end of the loom that will go under the front dash. Make sure you make it nice and tight so it will hold as you pull it through the car. Make sure the wire terminals are under this tape so they will not get damaged. Take the baling wire you just threaded through the rear fender, attach it to the loop, and pull the harness to the voltage regulator area. (see photos below)


  • Congratulations! You are halfway done! Now that the harness is in the voltage regulator remove the baling wire. Take the baling wire, straighten it out again, and insert it in the hole underneath the dash. Thread it all the way to the bottom just above the pan. Take your needle nose pliers and thread it to the left where the wiring tunnel protrudes from the rocker panel. This is the critical area where the wiring harness has a tendency to bind up. (see photos below)

    You cannot see this tunnel protrusion but you can guess by the photo where it is. Push the wire from the dash hole, and feed it through the tube in the rocker panel until it appears at the voltage regulator area.

    Note: If you cannot figure out how to thread the baling wire in the rocker panel tube… stop! Take another wire, feed it through the other end at the voltage regulator and see where it appears! This could make it easier for you to locate the hole where you have been fiddling with the needle nose pliers.


  • Last step! Lightly grease the harness with WD-40 and attach the baling wire to the loop. Push the harness through the hole and pull with the baling wire under the dash. It will go with some coaxing! (see photo below)

    Important note: If the wire or harness gets stuck, pull with the needle nose pliers, at that special hole where you threaded the wire into the rocker panel. I found this was the key to a smooth installation.

    Webmaster's note: Don't forget to download the Wiring Diagram for your car. You might not need it, but then might!


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