In the 1960s Koni manufactured shock absorbers and steering dampers for the Type 3. The best thing about these highly-regarded products is that they are adjustable. By turning the shaft, you can make your car's ride go from hard to soft depending on your driving style. They are also generally rebuildable. If a customer sends in a vintage shock to Koni, they make an effort to rebuild it.

A set of NOS Type 3 Koni Special "D" shocks.

Vintage Koni part numbers for the front shocks: 80-1505 (swingaxle) and 80-2023 (IRS). The rears sometimes carried the VW part number 211 413 031. Current production Konis are available for Type 3s too, but today's numbering system is different.

The above picture compares an NOS Koni steering damper (76E-1211) to the stock Type 3 damper. Note the size difference in the shaft and the piston!