Side make badges were only fitted as an optional variation (M274) for cars after chassis #0 265 685 (early 1964 T34s). M code M274 was only for North American vehicles. The badge replaces the side marker lights that were normally fitted for other destinations. From what we understand Canadian road traffic laws prohibited the use of lights in this position so badges were used to fill the hole of the standard pressing. The use of a badge negated the need for a different pressing for the Canadian market, which in turn saved production costs. All Type 34's that were planned for shipment to Canada were fitted with these side badges at the factory. 

The badge is held in place with two pins that fit through the side marker light bolt holes. The badge has a hard plastic 'seal' behind it - this is the same material as the door handle escutcheon seals. 

You may note the similarities between the Type 34 badge and the Type 14 side badge, however these badges are actually different and are unique to the Type 34.