1069 Model year from Chassis #349 000 001 through to chassis #349 239 041 were available in the following paint and trim combinations


Body Color Top Color Interior Combo Cloth/Vinyl Interior Combo Leatherette

Option #1

Interior Combo Leatherette

Option #2

Oriole Yellow (L 11K) Oriole Yellow (L 11K) Dogtooth Platinum Khaki Brown Black
Sunset (L 31K) Sunset (L 31K) Dogtooth Platinum Light Sand Black
Chrome Blue (L 51K) Chrome Blue (L 51K) Dogtooth Platinum Black  
Cypress Green (L 62K) Cypress Green (L 62K) Dogtooth Khaki Khaki Brown Light Sand
Toga White (L 90C) Toga White (L 90C) Dogtooth Platinum Black Gala Red
Cherry Red (L 554) Cherry Red (L 554) Dogtooth Platinum Light Sand Black