1967 model year from Chassis #347 000 001 to chassis #347 233 853 body colors and trim options


Body Color Top Colors Interior Combo Cloth/Vinyl Interior Combo Leatherette
Bermuda (L 288) Bermuda (L 288) Blue Black
Savanna Beige (L 620) Savanna Beige (L 620) Khaki Brown Khaki Brown
Vulcan Grey (L 70K) Vulcan Grey (L 70K) Platinum Black
Cherry Red (L 554) Cherry Red (L 554) Platinum Black
Neptune Blue (L 50K) Neptune Blue (L 50K) Platinum Black
Castillian Yellow (L 10K) Castillian Yellow (L 10K) Platinum Black
Roulette Green (L 544) Roulette Green (L 544) Khaki Brown Light Sand
Lotus White (L 282) Lotus White (L 282) Khaki Brown Indian Red / Khaki Brown
Black (L 41) Black (L 41)   Light Sand / Indian Red


Note: From Larry Edson regarding the '67 model year: These are paint and upholstery pages from the '67 Karmann Ghia sales brochure. That year they combined Type 1 and Type 3 in the same brochure. It seems that they also shared the same colors.