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TOPIC: Rebuild Commencing - Some advice required...

Rebuild Commencing - Some advice required... 7 years 1 month ago #6571

Hi There. I'm new to this blog, so I thought I'd introduce my project;

I bought a very rusty Australian RHD 1965 T34 a few years ago and have just commenced the rebuild after house, babies, all the other priorities... It's in absolutely terrible condition so it'll be a tough project but not my first so I'm sure it'll get there in the end. Not one for the die-hard original crowd, this is getting mendeola front and rear suspension, a 5-speed Subaru box, and I've just bought a low km 3.6 Subaru engine (256hp stock) plus a vintage air AC kit. All up I'm hoping to achieve something that looks stock but gives modern cars a fright...

Anyway I have a few questions if you guys with experience could assist, I would very much appreciate your time...
Im aware fabricating a lot of this stuff is possible but want to check what's around before going down that route..

1. Does anyone sell new door skins? If not does anyone have any good spare doors for sale as mine are rotten in many places.

3. Does anyone sell rocker panels? (Inner and or Outers)

4. Does anyone do repro dash pads? Mine are like powder...

5. Anyone have a spare roof clip with a sunroof?

6. Does anyone supply T34 specific pan halves? I know that Klassic Fab sell T3 pans but my understanding is that they are not an exact changeover for T34 pans?

8. Are front and rear screens available? Both mine are OK but just interested to know if screens are still being made?

9. Any tips for fabricating A-Pillars? There is more air than metal in mine and I'm pretty sure the vinyl is holding the roof up at the moment.!.

I'll be interested in trading or selling all of the stock running gear, and when I bought the car it had two spare T34 engines which I don't need or want.. Let me know if you need anything and ill have a look.
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Rebuild Commencing - Some advice required... 7 years 1 month ago #6574

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Hi sorenluckins, great to see another Aussie on here (even though I'm actually technically not an Aussi but just an import ;) ).

Not seen a scooby to Type 34 conversion before, pretty sure yours will be the first, I know a local Adelaide guy who would love to do the same but you're streets ahead of him already, will be an interesting build - would be great to see a build thread (BTW - you can start a build thread right here on type34.com by clicking on the 'build threads' link above)

Will try to answer your questions as best as possible.

1/ New door skins are not currently available and whilst there are a number of reproduction panels being made unfortunately door skins are not one of them. You could be lucky in tracking down a NOS one but then I would think that you might have more luck finding unicorns teeth. Best bet here is to either try and source a rust free door or get an experienced coachbuilder / panel shaper to repair the doors you have. Of course it goes without saying that this is not a cheap exercise, but then I'm sure you knew that before getting into restoring a type 34.

2/ There is no number 2!! (nice looking patina BTW ;) )

3/ Yes, full rocker kits are available from Jurgen Magdelyns / Carsten Clien, he also does wheel arch repair panels too. Carsten is a great source for Type 34 parts he will usually have what you need. You can also try Lars Nueffer and Karmannghia.de (whilst you are there you could also ask about door skins - you never know your luck).

4/ Unfortunately repro dash pads are not available, however there is a guy here in SA that can recover / repair them in the original style vinyl - the grain is not 100% perfect but it is the best option. Other than that you are probably looking to source a good used one. However it is worth bearing in mind that most have likely suffered the same fate as yours and are probably cracked from the sun.

5/ Sunroof clips are not impossible to come across, they do come up every now and then - again perhaps speak to Carsten or simply keep in touch with the Euro and US scene, however when they do turn up they don't hang around long.

6/ In a word no. The funky green ones are the only ones AFAIK. Main difference between Type 3 and Type 34 pans are seat rails and the rear cross piece at front of rear seat - you should be able to salvage these parts from your existing car.

7/ No number 7 (are you missing some fingers? :D )

8/ There were some reproduction screens made a short time ago, there may be some still available although they all made to order. Cannot remember the details off hand but a search in the forums or over at thesamba might turn up some info

9/ For the 'parallel' sections I would personally look at making a former to shape the main profile over and then bending the returns on each side using a press brake. For the top most section where it curves into the roof you could do the same but you really need to know how to shrink / stretch metal correctly to be able to correctly form the curve and returns. With patience it is not difficult but it is not something that you cannot stumble through without understanding the basic principles. If you are interested in metal forming I would recommend trying to get onto Peter Tommisini's panel course. I did it here in Adelaide but he is actually based in your neck of the wood - Melbourne.

You can check out his site for more info - www.handbuilt.net.au/seminars.html

From memory it was $380 for the two days including a BBQ lunch. (You will save that money in time on the first panel you make.) He also sells all of the tools you will need. With this info under your belt and a few tools you can easily make your own rockers / arches / door skins / etc (well maybe not easily but it is possible and you will know how).


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Rebuild Commencing - Some advice required... 7 years 4 weeks ago #6576

Thanks Mick.

Great information much appreciated. Apologies for the non-sequential numbers.. I had about 50 questions and whittled them down to 7.. Skipped a few..!.. Ive contacted both Lars and Carsten and am chasing some new pans from Klassic Fab through Das Resto Haus. Slow going getting responses so far.!. Ive been taking photos so Ill be sure to create a build thread when Ive got enough progress to post about...

BTW - Does anyone here live in Melbourne with a T34? Ive spent a fortune and a lot of time so far and Ive never been in one that is running..!.. Would love a ride in the passenger seat if someone was in Melbourne?

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Rebuild Commencing - Some advice required... 7 years 3 weeks ago #6577

  • Mick
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Yes I think that Grey 57 is from Melbourne although his Type 34 is not quite stock (it has a Porsche 911 engine).

Shoot him a message, I think he is the president / chairman of the Victorian Karmann Ghia owners club, I'm sure he would be happy to have another member on board, and can probably let you know what events are coming up.

You can also check out the Melburg Luft forums and ask there too.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. There's heaps of info here on the site and we are always happy to help if we can.
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Rebuild Commencing - Some advice required... 6 years 11 months ago #6585

  • df
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Hiya, I'm in Tasmania and have just got my part done car back from a dodgy rust repair guy. I'd be very interested to chat re A pillars
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Rebuild Commencing - Some advice required... 6 years 8 months ago #6717

  • Humpty
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Hey Soren... Good to see you here.... Your new dash pad is on the way.
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