• Accessories Brochure

    Here are some scans of the cool Type 34 Accessories page from May of 1965. This is all compliments of Lars Neuffer who owns this piece.

  • Accessory Front Fresh Air Intake Trim

    Super rare accessory fresh air intake trim for Type 34s

  • Aftermarket Rear Louver Trim

     Aftermarket rear louvre vent trim

  • Australian Accessory Rear Window Shades

    Australian accessory rear window shades for the Type 34

  • Beauty Trim Rings

    Scott Perry looks at some accessory trim rings.

  • Bosch Blue Tip Antenna

    The correct radio antenna for the Type 34

  • Electrically Heated Rear Window

    The rear optional heated rear window for 1967-69 Type 34s.

  • Kamei Gas Pedal Cover

    Accessory Kamei gas pedal cover/footrest

  • Rarest of the Rare: Right-Side Cat’s Eye Mirror


    Those of you with early Type 34s have surely heard of the rare “cat’s eye” side mirror. This mirror has an angled upper section that cuts down to give the appearance of a cat’s eye. This mirror is authentic to all 1962 Type 34s (Model 343’s only) and is difficult to find in good condition. Other 1961-62 Type 3 models also featured this mirror, and since they had right-hand-drive models from the beginning, the right-side mirrors were also “cat’s eye” mirrors. However, these right side mirrors were never known to exist (except in literature) until one showed-up on eBay!

    This right hand mirror was converted to the Type 34 threads and mounted it to a RHD Type 34 vent frame. If a 1962 Type 34 would have been ordered with dual side mirrors, this is what it would have looked like.

  • Type 3 Fanfare Horns

    Accessory fanfare horns for the Type 34

  • Type 34 Bumper Overriders

    Did Type 34 bumper overriders exist? Larry Edson seems to think so.

  • Type 34 Mud Flaps

    Accessory Mud Flaps from Larry Edson

  • Type 34 Ski Racks

    Paul Colbert hunts for and finds a great accessory for the snow-bound Type 34 owner.

  • Type 34 Turn Signal Switch Cover


    It's not often that an accessory is stylish AND beneficial, but this one is both. This is a chromed cover for the notoriously breakable turn signal arm. The stock turn signal arm is a very weak piece, and it's something that gets used very often (assuming you're a courteous driver!). This cover strengthens the arm and gives it a nice chrome shine as well. You can see from the box that this piece is made for all Type 3s, and also the Type 34 Karmann Ghia. This is no cheapo light weight piece either, it's made of a heavy gauge of metal. Track one down, or find a stock pile of turn signal arms!

  • Under-dash Parcel Trays

    Several Type 3 parcel trays that will fit the Type 34.

  • VW 1500 Tool Kit

    The VW 1500 tool kit is a rare and sought-after accessory for early Type 3s.

  • Wegu Type 34 Rubber Bumper Guards

    NOS Wegu rubber bumper guards for the Type 34