Most of you may already know about about my T34, as it's been in the newsletter many times over the past several years.  It was originally restored (resurrected is a better word) back a decade ago by my father and I as a family project.  Then, as I joined the Registry and learned more about my T34 (one of the earliest ones in the world!), I decided it should be properly restored to it's original condition when new.   Over the past several years I have found all the correct early parts, resprayed it back to its original Pearl White & Black,  and brought it up to excellent mechanical condition.  It has taken 1st Place awards at almost every show it has entered and is the best example of its marquee here in Central Canada.  My latest winter work was the rusty floorpan.

To restore the old rusty floorpan on my T34, we used new Beetle floorpan sections since no T3 sections were available.  We cut away the edge of the Beetle pan and the existing T3 edge pieces were added to give a new edge and correct width (see first photo).  We matched the floor ribbing, removed the seat rails and made new ones that would fit the T34 seats.  We reused the jack port to retain the proper "look".

After carefully cutting-out the rusty original pan sections from the T34, while up on stands, the car looked very much like the Flintstone-mobile, without a floor (see second photo).

After we welded-in the custom-assembled floorpan sections into each side, we still had lots of work ahead of us to ground-down the welding seams and rework the inner fenders (see third photo).  Upon completion, the floor was undercoated and painted black, and the other sheetmetal received it's proper Pearl White respray.   In this photo you can see the completed work, properly dubbed the "after" picture.

As a result of this hard work was another 1st Place at the Great Canadian Bug Show, where the VW Canada Ltd Judges scored it a perfect 100 point!  I was thrilled...

Editor's note: Reiner passed away a few years ago but his experience and expertise live on!

<Editor's note: T3 floorpans are available now and modifying those to fit to T34 isn't a major task, see forum.>