Jens Vagelpohl shows us how convert the turn signal lights so you know which way you're turning! From the July 1994 Registry newsletter.


Remember sitting in the driver's seat and using the turn signal lever to go left and you noticed BOTH turn signal lights flashing within the fuel gauge? Well, if you've always wanted to have independent turn signal blinkers in that gauge so you could see which way your lights were blinking, here's a simple method to fix that irritating problem.

First of all, remove the two screws that hold the fuel gauge in place, behind the dash. Remove the metal bar that goes across the width of the gauge and disconnect and label the wires going to the gauge. Then remove the black plastic backing that houses the light bulbs for the gauge. Once you've done all that, you should be looking at the black component (bulb side facing you, see picture):

Cut the gray wire very close to the solder-point on the RIGHT side of the gauge. Push the gray wire through the hollow rivet on the LEFT side solder-point. Crimp-on a male connector to the end of the gray wire. Now, run a wire from the steering column multiple connector terminal #2 (black & white wire) to the male connector on the gray cable. Run another cable from the steering column multiple connector terminal #6 (black & green wire) to the right side connector that was cut short (labeled "K" on most black backing plates). Reinstall the components and reconnect all wires (except the "K" wire that used to go there) and presto, you should have independent functioning side turn signal indicators in the fuel gauge.