When you're going through a restoration and want everything to be "just right" it's easy to overlook the fuel pump. Over the past 40 years the fuel pump in your Type 34 has probably been changed at least once, and depending on what was available at the time your original fuel pump may not be the same one as when it was new. There are a lot of Brazilian and aftermarket fuel pumps too since they are less expensive and easier to find.

There are two styles of original fuel pumps for Type 34s: early (top cap in the photo above) and late (lower cap). Early fuel pumps have a two-piece ivory cap that has a flat vertical edge. Late pumps have a one-piece ivory cap that is smooth and rounded. The early pumps with two-piece caps were fitted to 1962-65 Type 34s, and the later pumps with one-piece caps were used from 1966-69. Both caps are secured onto the fuel pump with a circular metal snap ring that fits snugly into the groove in the pump housing. The early and late fuel pumps and caps are specific to one another and not interchangeable. Look closely at the later-style fuel pump in the photo and you'll see the large bronze internal filter nut. This later pump can't be used with an early cap.

You can see the early two-piece fuel pump on Andy Holmes' 1965 344 (above).

And here's the later one-piece fuel pump on a 1969 model in the Karmann Museum (above).