These photos came from David Welsford's 30,000 original mile 1964 343, one that is very authentic and has been restored to original specs.



The above photo shows the anti-kink wire on the oil breather hose, which joins the oil breather unit to the air cleaner. As you can see, this anti-kink wire makes the tube bend nicely around the coil.



This photo shows the spark plug wire fasteners, which keep the plug wires from touching the hot engine tin. This photo shows the left side plug wires attached to the metal bracket (311 905 143A) with two ivory plastic clips (311 905 451) for each wire. This metal bracket is attached to the engine tin by an 8mm screw. On the right side of the engine the other two plug wires are held in place by an identical ivory plastic clip that is mounted on the oil breather unit.



This last photo shows one of the fuel line fasteners, which keeps the fuel line from contact with the engine block. If you look closely you should be able to see an aluminum clamping piece that the fuel line clips into from underneath. The VW part number is 311 127 525. The aluminum piece itself is attached to the nut securing the oil cooler. There is also another aluminum fuel line clamp visible in the above photo above this one.