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TOPIC: I think of changing my ´73 bug into a ´69 type34

I think of changing my ´73 bug into a ´69 type34 9 years 4 months ago #4507

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Hi guys,

I am thinking of quiting bugaction and look for something which is the work more worth.

A Type 34 is the one I favour.

Maybe I should tell you a few things about the possibilities we have, before showing you what I found on the internet.

- My father in law worked 50 years on bodys at karmann, so he is the one to ask if something strange occurs
- I have a very handsome gang in the backround supporting me in everything I can imagine ( 2 good bodyworkers, 2 good mechanics, 1 of those "I restore every little piece for fun" type of guys, 1 guy doing paintjobs )
- I work in a 400 people steelworkcompany, I am able to use every machine and ressource that is available
- We are able to do all works including bodyworks on our own, so hopefully I do not need to buy any bodyparts
- The gang and I do spent all of our sparetime together fixing bugs and welding silly things, so we don`t fear the work and time it takes

What we do not want is a totally wrecked car, there must be at least a good shape to restore. I do not have the finacial background to make a 20000 € restauration out of it.

I want to ask you guys just a few questions.

Am I wrong in thinking Karman took several parts (frontlights f.e. ) out of other cars that are made in a higher pieces? especcally the front lights are interesting for me, did they make own ones or are they from another car? Are there any other "specific" parts we could take from other cars?

What do you think those two are worth? Maybe one of you even knows the cars.


The owner says the only missing parts are the right front light, the right door door handle and one window crank. the engine is running, the panel is rustfree ( as we dont fear this `cause it is type 3 and type 1 technic which we know pretty well)
we know that there`s a lot of body work to do, but we dont fear that, as we do not want to make a total 1+ restauration, just get it on the road and keep it there until we found all pieces we need to make it a 1+ in maybe 10 years.


The plan is to get it streetlegal until next year and not spending more than 2000 € on it. Do you think it is possible when doing all bodywork on our own out of plain steelplates? I planned 200 hours just for the bodywork and another 100 hours to get it together and engine, brakes and electric running.

I am sorry about that, but we are not those "100% original" guys, function than form than originality.

Thank you...

cheers Jan

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Re: I think of changing my ´73 bug into a ´69 type34 9 years 4 months ago #4508

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There are many T34s available that would fit your plans (inexpensive price, need bodywork & paint). The dark red one is better than the yellow one from the photos and they are both 1969 models. Inspection up-close would be the next step if you have the money to buy them now. Bodywork is easy for your team as is the painting, so you really only need to be concerned with the rust hiding in the rocker panels & the interior is complete. The seals are available (see other posts here). But you will have only one year to get it prepared for the T34 50th Anniversary in Germany! :D

I would like to speak with your father-in-law about his experience at Karmann. Did he work on the T34s during production 1962-69? B)
Email me privately please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Re: I think of changing my ´73 bug into a ´69 type34 9 years 4 months ago #4509

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Hi Jan!

I saw these two Karmann's too. And to be honest, they are on mobile.de for sale for a long time already. As I am also looking for a T34, I took the liberty on sending an email to both offering a much lower price, hoping they would sell them for a bargain price. The owner of the dark red T34 was very rude to me. So that didn't work out. They other one I didn't get a reply from. But the thing is that T34's are very rare, and pieces are even rarer. Basically the type 34 has the same mechanical stuff as the type 3, and you can find bits and pieces, often aftermarket, but OEM parts are expensive!

It's important that you get a fairly complete car. See to it that it is not too rusty, but most of the car for sale need lots of welding, often you'll have to replace entire parts from donorcars. Scroll trough the media galleries as the give a very good impression on how to do a T34 restauration. And I'm sure everyone is willing to help!

Till next year on the 50th anniversary?

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